Mold Making

We have tooling and prototyping facilities to fulfill our service in all those specialized areas. One of our tool maker department’s strengths is the ability to take on big projects, from design drafting to finished tools. There is a fast facility with state-to-the-art analysis software to reduce future project handling problems. Our product quality has supported by more than 20 years of mold designing experience, reliable software, high technology machines (5-axis CNC factory machines), a final check of CMM, and a high polishing standard. We are ready to supply your mold with high precision and punctual delivery. We are excited about our product development. With our experience in automotive, we can develop our molding product. We can also guarantee your satisfaction with our products using our quality control policy.

Process Flow

With good communication skills and adequate knowledge, we provide the best solutions for customers.

Accuracy and precise design.

Planning and controlling according to the schedule.

Machining with modern tools and operating with competent human resources.

Parts are assembled accurately.

Precisely and measurably for an excellent mold.

Safely, securely, and on-time delivery.