Jig and Fixture

We are your precision partner in JIG & Fixture manufacturing to support Automotive Industry. JIG & Fixtures are special-purpose tools that facilitate product (machining, assembling, and inspection operations). When found, workpiece on interchange concept ability according to which will produce every part within an established tolerance. JIG & Fixture provide on means of manufacturing interchangeable parts since they found a predetermined tolerance between the work and cutting tool. Our work began with a design after receiving the Data CAD product, 2D product, and CF requirement. Supporting precision and variable machine size work on trim & simple Checking Fixtures up to Large & Complex Checking Fixtures with a realistic price. To ensure accuracy, we always measure using the appropriate CMM. We will supply your checking fixture in the best quality, reasonable price, and with on-time delivery. For maintenance and possible repairs, we have our service department. This department will make sure the production interruptions are limited to an absolute minimum.

Process Flow

Provide consultations for best solution to customers

Accuracy and precise design.

Planning and controlling according to the schedule.

Machining with modern tools and operated by expert.

Precisely and measurably for excellent product.

Safely, securely, and on-time delivery.